The Future of Technology with Gerd Leonhard

June 24, 2020 Mike Hill and Gerd Leonhard Season 1 Episode 1
The Future of Technology with Gerd Leonhard
Show Notes

Will technology bring about the end of capitalism?  And do you consider the intelligence of a machine to be similar to that of a human?

Are we really living in the Matrix….

After pondering the virtue of the red pill v the blue pill on the plane.  Mike landed in Zurich and headed to Gerd Leonhard’s to unpack the relationship humans have with technology and where it’s going.

Gerd Leonhard is definitely to man to ponder these questions with.  Gerd’s a world-leading futurist, author, musician and digital entrepreneur. 

In this interview, you’ll learn all about how the line between human and machine is getting very blurred and how technology could completely change our way of life in the not to distant future.  4 hour work week anyone?

This is the extended interview and you can jump over to YouTube Futurists World channel if you want to see the interview.

About Gerd Leonhard: 
A talented musician by origin, and a digital music entrepreneur in the nineties, Gerd has a multi-faceted view on the future of business and humanity’s progression in a world that’s changing so rapidly you need this show just to keep up.

According to Wired Magazine, Gerd is one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe.   

Enjoy Mike Hill's interview on The Future of Technology with Gerd Leonhard.

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