The Future of Wealth with Shivani Gopal

June 24, 2020 Mike Hill and Shivani Gopal Season 1 Episode 3
The Future of Wealth with Shivani Gopal
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about how to calculate the future of wealth?

And how does wealth relate to equality?

These are big questions and Mike turned happily to Shivani Gopal to find the answers.  Shivani Gopal has quickly become recognised as a feminist thought leader for women, helping them navigate their careers, businesses and financial success.  Shivani is an Indian-Australian,  and the CEO and Co-Founder of The Remarkable Woman, a community dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender equality. 

Gender equality it turns out may be 202 years away!

Shivani's on a mission to reduce that turn around time dramatically to see it happen by 2050.  Which still sounds like kind of a long time to us, but perhaps that’s fast in the scheme of things.

So what is wealth? Is it about money, about opportunity or knowledge?  Where does equity fit in and how do we speed it along?

Mike asked Shivani these questions and plenty more.

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