The Future of Artificial Intelligence with Narjis Hilale

July 23, 2020 Mike Hill and Narjis Hilale Season 1 Episode 10
The Future of Artificial Intelligence with Narjis Hilale
Show Notes

What does the Future of Artificial Intelligence look like?

Narjis Hilale has 15 years of global expertise in strategy and insights. She’s is a global citizen having grown up in Morocco, Switzerland and Indonesia, studying in France and Canada, and working in Singapore, Morocco and France.

Narjis is the author of the Women’s Essential’s Box for the Corporate World and an Adjunct Professor at the International University in Geneva.

Mike was looking forward to sitting down with Narjis to gain a better understanding of the future of artificial intelligence. 

“The future is humans and robots so let’s hold hands together and work together so that we can make sure it’s more of an equal world tomorrow.” Narjis Halile

That there could be a future where we’ve finally overcome gender inequality is reassuring. But are we plunging head-on into a future where those same struggles and will play out between humans and robots instead?

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