The Future of Being Differently Abled with Ashla Rani

August 13, 2020 Mike Hill & Ashla Rani Season 1 Episode 13
The Future of Being Differently Abled with Ashla Rani
Show Notes

The Future of Being Differently-Abled with Ashla Rani.  Have you ever wondered how a differently abled person experiences the world? Or how you might see yourself after an unthinkable accident? 

Ashla is one of the leading voices for disability-rights in her home country of India, in this interview she opens up about her recovery journey following the loss of the use of her legs in a train accident and how she is now on a mission to fight for inclusivity, equality and accessibility for those living differently-abled. 

Mike first met Ashla in Southern India several years ago. Ashla’s courage, good humour and activism have influenced many, including Mike and the entire Futurists World team. In fact, Mike considers Ashla one of the greatest inspirations of his life.

In 2018 Mike helped Ashla travel to San Francisco where she shared the stage with world-renowned physician, Dr BJ Miller. This interview was filmed shortly after that event.

Ashla brings a human face to this thought provoking and important conversation, which will stay with you long after it wraps. 

‘Without people’s help, you cannot move forward.’

Ashla Rani

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