The Future of Leadership with Katherine Boiciuc

August 27, 2020 Mike Hill & Katherine Boiciuc Season 1 Episode 15
The Future of Leadership with Katherine Boiciuc
Show Notes

Have you ever questioned what makes a good leader? Or wondered if it’s something you’re cut out for?

Our guest this week thinks leadership sits in the eye of the beholder.

Katherine Boiciuc, also known as KB is an Associate Director at Maximus International, an innovative business consultancy, where she mentors industry giants. 

She is a global leader with extensive experience in the technology and telco industries.  KB has held senior and influential roles focused on global impact and world technology enablement. She is also a popular public speaker and is passionate about diversity, inclusion and the future of work. KB has always been attracted to the tools that help people connect. She grew up with parents that travelled extensively and says her family relied on technology to stay together.

KB remembers waiting for AOL dial-up to chat with her parents and thinks this experience is what propelled her career, which started at Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications provider.  KB’s time at Telstra charged her enthusiasm for futurism and 21st-century leadership.

KB believes “multi-year planning and the linear nature of decision making is gone.”

In this conversation, Mike and KB discuss the ways businesses are pivoting in response to COVID-19, decision fatigue and the three ingredients of courage.

It’s a real whirlwind and we hope it helps you navigate this new world we’re all adapting to.

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