The Future of Humanity with Katherine Boiciuc and Zoltan Istvan

February 22, 2021 Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 17
The Future of Humanity with Katherine Boiciuc and Zoltan Istvan
Show Notes

Is the world becoming more democratised or less? Is modern monetary theory fact or fiction? Is equality something we should be striving for at all? We’re back with a brand new episode of Futurists World and this time we’re tackling one of the biggest topics – the future of humanity. 

In this fascinating conversation, Mike chats with returning guest Katherine Boiciuc, or KB, in Melbourne, Australia, and new recruit Zoltan Istvan, a Californian-based thought leader. 

KB is a keynote speaker with extensive experience in the technology and telecommunications industries. She is a leadership guru who is passionate about the future of work. 

KB told Mike and Zoltan that a person’s role in the workplace of the future is absolutely being challenged by technology. 

She explained that the workforce of 2025 will be ‘hybrid’ – but not in the way you might be thinking. While COVID-19 has taught us all how to confidently work remotely, teams of the future won’t just need to overcome the tyranny of distance, they’ll need to navigate how humans, AI impersonators and robots can best interact. 

The combination sounds messy, complex and a little scary – but according to Zoltan, the future of humanity actually means blending humans with technology, and not simply working alongside each other. 

As a Transhumanist, Zoltan believes technology will actually change what it means to be human. 

He says radical science is upgrading the human experience entirely, from virtual reality to brain implants. In fact, he already has a chip in his hand that opens his front door for him. 

In the future, Zoltan confirms that we can expect our iPhones to be connected to our brains (not just our hands) and Google maps to exist in our heads. 

So it sounds like we will be more optimised ….and continually monitored. Are we doomed? 

According to KB, not at all. As a global optimist, she believes we can create a positive future for ourselves – one decision, one meeting, one conversation at a time. And this conversation between Mike, Zoltan and KB sounds like a good place to start. 

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