The Future of Entertainment with Daniel Martins and Daniel Trujillo

February 25, 2021 Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 18
The Future of Entertainment with Daniel Martins and Daniel Trujillo
Show Notes

In the wake of the pandemic cinemas closed their doors, film sets shut down and stadiums turned off their lights. As the reality of this uncomfortable, COVID-present world sinks in, we’ve been wondering:  is the future of entertainment in jeopardy or are we are on the edge of a new beginning? 

During December 2020, Mike joined a Zoom call with two entertainment industry dynamos to discuss where the sector is headed this year and beyond. 

Daniel de Salt’anna Martins (who we’re referring to as ‘DM’ in this episode) is a ludocentric game designer based in Rio de Janeiro, while Daniel Trujillo is a virtual reality expert from Las Vegas. 
The pair chatted to Mike (who is himself a filmmaker) about how the pandemic has driven the integration of next generation technologies, and together they unpack where the future of entertainment is really going.  

Just as other industries are finding innovative means to continue operations in and around coronavirus lockdowns, the entertainment industry is absolutely taking a new shape. 

Virtual reality and volumetric videos sound a bit otherworldly to many of us now, but Daniel says that soon they’ll simply roll off our tongues, In fact, he even thinks that augmented reality is becoming so advanced that we will be able to host ‘live’ concerts in our homes one day. 

And DM predicts that gaming and other digital platforms will also continue to accelerate, eventually engaging all five of our human senses. 

Sounds like computer simulation will soon be near impossible to distinguish from reality. To make sure you’re ready for the future of entertainment, watch this episode now. 

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