The Future of Diversity with Vanessa Mason and Yul Anderson

March 01, 2021 Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 19
The Future of Diversity with Vanessa Mason and Yul Anderson
Show Notes

Mike speaks to Yul Anderson and Vanessa Mason about the future of diversity. 

Yul Anderson is an associate professor at the World Academy of Art and Science, a global network of more than 700 individual fellows from more than 80 countries. He is also the president and founder of the African Ameriacan Future Society and hosted the Future of Black America conference at UNESCO’s Futures Literacy Lab in November 2020. 

Vanessa Mason is a research director at the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit organisation that helps individuals, organisations and communities think holistically about the future. She is also the founder of Future of Belonging, which explores how we can use technology to fulfil our basic human need to be accepted for who we are. 

So what does diversity and inclusion really mean? What should it look like and where will it be in the future? ‘

History tells us that civil rights are not distributed evenly, that certain groups in our global population have been fighting to be seen and heard since the dawn of time. 

But a movement is growing to overthrow the status quo and diversify the people in power. So how do we grab hold of it? 

This is a complex, timely and important conversation where Yul and Vanessa chat to Mike about shaping a new normal, progressing the inclusion agenda and going further than ticking the compliance checkbox. 

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