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#57 - Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Further Seems Forever, Lucky Scars, War Generation, Reason to Believe)
February 08, 2016 Tom Mullen
I will never forget that the first thing Jon did when he picked up the phone for the podcast. He asked about my life and took the time to find out more about Washed Up Emo before the interview even started. I was blown away at how humble he was but also so proud of his life's work. It’s an honor to be able to present a small slice of Jon that many of his friends and family know so well. I count myself included. This podcast is supposed to be evergreen. You can listen in 5 years or in 10 years and know a good chunk of that band or era and some context to the scene and a way to look back but also look ahead. Jon was that last point to a T. He was so happy talking about the history but also his new music and what was next. Sadly, this was the last interview Jon did. I can only hope those close or those who have no idea who Jon Bunch was take and learn something from one of the most important voices in not only the independent scene but music in general. I am eternally grateful Jon took the time to talk with me about his life that will thankfully live on in aural form so someone can stumble upon Jon's music forever.
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