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Washed Up Emo
#63 - Matthew Daniels (poly-graph.co)
April 24, 2016 Tom Mullen
I tend to protect the word emo online to a fault. A few months back a site called Polygraph run by Matthew Daniels released a data visualization of what punk bands were considered punk, post, screamo, etc. Based on Spotify playlists. The emo category consisted of mostly mid 00s era stuff with some alt rock, etc. Just way off. It went like this. I tweeted at him angrily. He wrote back nicely. We talked on the phone, then he came to my apt to talk me off the ledge. While you’re listening check out Polygraph (poly-graph.co). This was an insanely interesting conversation about data. I promise you’re learn something about music and habits we all have now with access to everything at any moment.
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