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#135 - Chris "Poppy" Popadak (Hawthorne Heights)
July 27, 2018 Tom Mullen
Today we welcome Chris Popadak from Hawthorne Heights. Chris has been drumming with the band as a touring and session member since 2014 and joined fully last year. We connected because we’ve definitely used Hawthorne Heights as an example of when emo goes wrong and Chris wanted to set the story straight…. When we spoke over email he mentioned that he was into a bunch of the older stuff, the band knew they weren’t emo and to let me know they are still a band! Plus they haven’t stopped being a band, releasing a bunch of music independently, since the emo boom in the mid-00s. Their latest is on Pure Noise Records. Chris or “Poppy” as many call him that know him well, was a great guest and spoke honestly about being a musician with a band with one big song and how far that can take you and what doors it can open. He’s living the dream. Coincidentally, he is from Ohio. If you’d like to support the podcast and defending emo, head on over to our Patreon page at patreon.com/washedupemo! Thanks to all the Patreon supporters out there.
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