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#20 - Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)
February 12, 2013 Tom Mullen
It was an absolute honor to have Mr. Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids be a part of the podcast. I just noticed after listening back to this episode that the only person left to interview from my opening musical montage is Jeremy Enigk. What a trip it's been. Matt was great to chat with and even had to scold his kids who you can hear at times during the interview. We dove into the first time Matt sang live in front of someone, Kansas City, Boy's Life, ripping off "Static Prevails" and why bands do 10 year anniversaries. Matt also mentioned his opinion on the word "emo" and throughout the podcast you can hear his voice ring with truth that also transcends to the bands he was in and his way of life. And you have to hear what song The Get Up Kids never have to practice that you love. Finally, download his recently launched podcast "Nothing To Write Home About" which is a great listen and unique insight into the scene.
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