The Wild Within

The Art of Truth and Learning to F*ing Trust Yourself! w/ Miriam Wagoner

January 17, 2020 Kristen Yates Season 1 Episode 7
The Wild Within
The Art of Truth and Learning to F*ing Trust Yourself! w/ Miriam Wagoner
Show Notes

Ep. 7: Creative rebels, unite! Miriam is a Truth-Teller, psychic-intuitive, and artist who channels soul through mesmerizing art pieces – and she's bold AF about paving her own path of truth in the world and helping others rise into their own! 

We jam on all things intuition and diverting from the "Matrix" (AKA mainstream world) when it comes to trusting yourself and carving out your own way of doing things, and dive into her new project creating an oracle deck like the world hasn’t seen before!

Our conversation weaves through:

  • The birth of intuition as a deep “knowing”  
  • Awakening beyond “this is it” -   
  • The transition from the mainstream world to an intuitive, entrepreneurial life  
  • How to know what your truth ACTUALLY is  
  • Working with fear and turning it around for your benefit 
  • Landing in your truth as a compass for your life  
  • Connecting to your soul knowing over fear  
  • How deeply trusting your soul truth creates magic in your life  
  • How it’s “responsible” to panic in the mainstream world   
  • The dis-ease of scramble and panic - and how to access your clarity instead  
  • Overcoming the mainstream mindset of “hustle and pushing” (which doesn’t work!)   
  • The precision of soul - (and how to use it!)  
  • Why art can’t actually be stolen - and a new perspective on creativity 
  • The power of following your inspiration and flow in the creative process   
  • How Miriam uses art to capture soul essences 
  • The real meaning of angel numbers  
  • How to use oracle decks to access your own intuition and truth  
  • Why you already HAVE everything you need to be your own “guru!”   
  • Hacking the process of creating an oracle deck  
  • How to pave your OWN way as a creative rebel  
  • Why it’s so important to be disruptive and rebellious 

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