The Wild Within

The Healing Power of Huachuma (San Pedro) Cactus w/ Sergey Baranov

February 14, 2020 Kristen Yates Season 1 Episode 9
The Wild Within
The Healing Power of Huachuma (San Pedro) Cactus w/ Sergey Baranov
Show Notes

Ep. 9: Huachuma Cactus (or San Pedro as it is often known) is a magical and deeply healing plant medicine that I've been working with here in Peru. In this episode, I sat down with Sergey Baranov, founder of Huachuma Wasi, a healing center in the Sacred Valley, to talk about his journey with the medicine, what led him on the shamanic path, and the healing medicine of Huachuma that has the power to truly change the lives of those who meet it.

We dive into: 

  • Sergey's relentless quest for spiritual meaning in early life
  • The power of following the deep soul calling to our purpose
  • What brought Sergey onto the shamanic path to medicine work
  • The healing power of psychedelic medicines
  • What distinguishes plant medicine from other forms of psychedelics 
  • The importance of experience over solely empirical research
  • How Huachuma stands out among plant medicines
  • The magical nature of plant spirits and how they can help us heal
  • Finding your own truth and inner compass within
  • How to find an aligned guide for medicine work
  • How the Cactus House came to be 
  • Sergey's guidance on how to best work with Huachuma medicine

Resources from this Episode:

Sergey's Website:

Sergey's Books:

Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies

The Mescaline Confession

And if you're interested in joining a soul quest to the Sacred Valley in late 2020 to work with Huachuma medicine and journey through the sacred sites of Peru, send me an email at: