The Wild Awake Podcast

The Retreat At The End Of The World

June 24, 2020 Kristen Yates
The Wild Awake Podcast
The Retreat At The End Of The World
Show Notes

Episode 11: Today's episode is a fun one: I'm coming to you from a significant moment in the past.... just a week into the chaos of the pandemic hitting the global scene in mid-March. 

I'm recording this episode with Jen Cannon, my retreat partner, several days after we wrapped up our Awaken the Magic Retreat in Ubud, Bali on March 20 – which at the time truly felt like the Retreat At The End Of The World. 

We jam on our experience of running a collective event just the world was falling into isolation - and all we learned about authentic leadership, the power of a conscious collective, taking aligned action, surrendering to uncertainty and transformation, and 

  • How to be a leader in these uncertain times
  • The power of our retreat collective and their commitment to tapping into their authentic selves
  • How these times are bringing us into greater states of vulnerability and depth
  • The power of a conscious collective during times of uncertainty 
  • Using community to transmute fear
  • How having an aligned community can strengthen your worldview 
  • Thriving versus resting in quarantine (...we had noooo idea!) 
  • Walking the middle path between rest and fire 
  • How quarantine is a time to see who we really are 
  • Forced grounding and finding inspiration in stillness 
  • Alignment versus Action (and why both are important!)  
  • Focused action (with alignment) versus scattered action  
  • Empowering each other with centeredness and service in these times 
  • Leadership and vulnerability 
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome as a leader - and transmuting it thru service 
  • Humanizing our spiritual practice (and career)