The Wild Within

Quantum Mechanics and Sex on the Moon w/ Thad Roberts

July 04, 2020 Season 1 Episode 10
The Wild Within
Quantum Mechanics and Sex on the Moon w/ Thad Roberts
Show Notes

Ep. 10: Curious how quantum mechanics can inform us about how the world really works, and how we can apply quantum principles to expand our own lives? Today's conversation with theoretical physicist and philosopher Thad Roberts is an illuminating look at the nature of reality, and a riveting glimpse into his journey working with NASA, masterminding the infamous moon rock caper, and dedicating his life to exploring the mysteries of modern physics and bringing Einstein's Intuition to life.

In this episode we dive into: 

  • What comprises real "genius" (hint: it's driven by curiosity) 
  • The power of asking bigger questions to create bigger results in your life
  • Unpacking our two giant human drives, and finding balance between them  
  • How to create space for more "aliveness" in your life
  • Thad's experience stealing moon rocks and going to prison for 7 years (and how this experience transformed his life) 
  • The massive gifts that arise through long periods of discomfort
  • Managing the problem of privilege in our society
  • How to build a greater sense of safety and security in your life
  • Quantum space theory and what it means about the world and our reality
  • Thad's journey to dedicating his life to Einstein’s quest and understanding the nature of reality
  • Free will vs. determinism and how to take back control of our reactive behavior 
  • How quantum mechanics shows us we are more than the sum of our parts
  • Practical tips for shifting your mind and thinking differently 
  • Why traditional goal-setting is backwards at a quantum level 
  • Diverisfying your experience 
  • How we can come up with new thoughts 
  • The benefit of multi potentiality over specialization 

Resources from this episode

Thad's website and book: