The Wild Within

Courageously Questing for Ease in Turbulent Times w/ Krystal Brandt

August 12, 2020 Season 1 Episode 15
The Wild Within
Courageously Questing for Ease in Turbulent Times w/ Krystal Brandt
Show Notes

Ep. 15: Today's episode is all about reframing our notion that "hustle and struggle equals success" – and opening up to allow the ease and abundance that is our birthright. I sit down with Krystal Brandt an Ease Mentor and Intuitive Business Strategist who helps fast-paced go-getters to slow down and cultivate sustainable self-care practices to live a soul-aligned life. She shares her story of leaving the corporate world behind to follow her inner calling (spoiler alert: it wasn't a smooth and shiny ride!) and drops a ton of actionable tools and strategies to reset your relationship with obligation and create a life filled with self-care, nourishment, and yes – lots of ease. 

We dive into: 

  • The importance of creating your team of mentors 
  • Her journey from the corporate cubicle to discovering herself  
  • How she moved from people-pleasing to following her soul’s calling 
  • What self-care really is, and how our society makes it so difficult to follow this path 
  • Giving yourself permission to divorce obligation and create your soul priorities 
  • How living counter-culture and listening to her inner truth shifted her entire path
  • Why allowing social constructs to break down can be pivotal towards your growth 
  • Learning to trust yourself and show up for yourself in bigger ways
  • The big question she uses to define self-care (and why you should be using it!) 
  • The importance of discovering your core values – and her simple way to find them  
  • Her top tip for using your core values as a tool for self-nourishment
  • How to turn self-care from an item on your to-do list, to an organic, non-negotiable part of your life 
  • Integrating the masculine and feminine in your daily life
  • Dancing between the masculine structure and “doing”, and the feminine intuition and “being" 
  • How nature can be our muse for ease 
  • Why ease has everything to do with mindset 
  • The art of allowing ease and abundance 
  • How we can reframe comparison to expand our growth
  • Ease and self-care tools to navigate these turbulent times 
  • Why grounding is one of the most important tools you can use right now 

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