The Wild Within

Discovering Your Personality Type Through the MBTI w/ Heidi Priebe

August 27, 2020 Kristen Yates Season 1 Episode 17
The Wild Within
Discovering Your Personality Type Through the MBTI w/ Heidi Priebe
Show Notes

Ep. 17: Today's episode is all about unpacking your personality through the lens of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI.) Heidi is a personality psychologist, coach, and writer who helps people leverage personality psychology as a tool for self development. 

In this episode we dive into:

  • How Heidi paved her own way in the field of personality psychology (it's not how you might expect!)
  • What personality psychology is, and how it can help us live a better life
  • The origin of the MBTI and how it evolved from Jungian psychology to become more accessible today
  • A breakdown of each of the 4 pairs of letters that make up the personality "code" in the MBTI
  • What Extroversion and Introversion really mean (different from the mainstream thought about them)
  • Why Sensors and Intuitives want to make their impact in different ways 
  • How Thinkers and Feelers must follow their passions in different ways 
  • How Judgers and Perceivers have very different relationships to structure
  • The difference (and similarities) between logic and emotion in personality 
  • How our modern-day work environment has shifted from more Judging to more Perceiving
  • Understanding the cognitive functions of each of the letters
  • Some unique qualities and traits of NFP types, and how they engage with and experience the world 
  • The unique existential experience that NFP types tend to have
  • Different definitions of “success” for the different types 
  • Using knowledge about your type to finding balance and fulfillment in life
  • Why meaning and purpose are so crucial to NFP types 
  • The gifts and struggles of the NFP types 
  • A few theories on what personality types make the best matches for romantic partnership

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