The Wild Within

The Power of Embodiment and Sensuality w/ Nadia Munla

November 20, 2020 Kristen Yates Season 1 Episode 20
The Wild Within
The Power of Embodiment and Sensuality w/ Nadia Munla
Show Notes

Ep. 20 - Today I'm sitting down with Nadia Munla, women's embodiment and intimacy coach, to discuss all things embodiment, sensuality, surrender, and feminine spirituality. We all know the importance of "slowing down" – but in a society designed to keep us spinning in our heads in "go-go-go" mode, it's a new form of empowerment to return home to our bodies and find our own truth and healing within. This episode is so potent for the times we are in right now – I highly recommend you give it at least one listen, and note down the many practices Nadia recommends for reconnecting to your inner power.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Nadia's journey of moving from a life of hustle and grind life into one of embodiment and sensual aliveness
  • Our society's epidemic of disconnection from our body wisdom  
  • Rewilding and what animals can teach us about living fully 
  • The ways our mind-based culture keeps us disconnected from our body 
  • Using our five senses to experience sensuality 
  • Accessing divinity through going inward into the senses.  
  • The difference between “masculine” and “feminine” forms of spirituality 
  • How to balance “doing” and “feeling”  
  • Finding integration through combining structure and flow  
  • Reaping the gifts of slowing down and simplifying in 2020 
  • How to regulate our nervous systems for better health 
  • Using our breath as the building block and language of the reptilian brain to positively shift our physiological state  
  • Why we don’t need complicated formulas to get through these times - and what we do need instead 
  • Where suffering actually comes from (different from where we think it does!)  
  • Inner child work - how to mother and reparent our inner child 
  • The four feminine archetypes 
  • The power of surrendering into pain, and the difference between surrender and resignation 
  • Fear-based vs. love-based motivation 
  • Her co-creative visioning plan - 4 powerful questions to help you create an embodied vision based in surrender 

Resources from this episode:

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Embody Collective:

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