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Zeebe 0.20.0 "Production Ready" with Sebastian Menski

July 17, 2019 Josh Wulf / Sebastian Menski Season 1 Episode 1
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An interview in Berlin with Sebastian Menski, Engineering Manager of the Zeebe dev team, on the eve of the release of Zeebe 0.20.0 - the first production-ready release of Zeebe.

What is "production ready"?
Leveraging existing distributed system libraries
The most unexpected thing developing Zeebe
The most fun thing developing Zeebe
Going from tech lead to people manager
Zeebe: a polyglot environment
Who is Zeebe for?
Never used BPMN before?
Zeebe: "look Ma - no database!"
The Zeebe client-broker architecture
Technologies underlying Zeebe
Zeebe and the Open Source Community
How to influence Zeebe's direction
What's next for Zeebe?