Camunda Nation Podcast

Camunda Cloud Turns 1.0

May 11, 2021 The Camunda Community Podcast, hosted by Josh Wulf. Season 3 Episode 1
Camunda Nation Podcast
Camunda Cloud Turns 1.0
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Camunda Cloud 1.0 went GA this week! 

And the podcast formerly known as "Zeebe Nation" is now "Camunda Nation", with a broader scope, covering all of Camunda's products and projects (including Zeebe and Camunda Cloud).

I'm joined in this episode by Daniel Meyer, Camunda's CTO; Felix Mueller, product owner of Camunda Cloud; and Sebastian Menski, Director of Camunda Cloud Engineering.

We talk about what 1.0 means, and what's next for Camunda Cloud and Zeebe.

Should I use Camunda Platform or Camunda Cloud?
Optimize in Camunda Cloud?
Self-Managed versus SaaS
Zeebe, Operate, and Tasklist
Breaking changes / Future stability
The Future of Camunda Cloud
Release cadence
How to find out about future changes
Trying out Camunda Cloud