Camunda Community Podcast

The Camunda Champions Program

September 20, 2021 The Camunda Community Podcast, hosted by Josh Wulf. Season 3 Episode 6
Camunda Community Podcast
The Camunda Champions Program
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In this episode we introduce the Camunda Champions program, championed by our Global Community Manager Luca Buchholz, and speak with Camunda Champions around the world.

Featured in this episode:

  • Michelle Chand (US)
  • William Buzatto (Brazil)
  • Alexey Vinogradov (Russia)
  • Jan Galinski (Germany)
  • Simon Zambrovski (Germany)

For more details on the Camunda Champions Program, and to apply for the upcoming intake, visit the official Camunda Champions website.

Luca Buchholz - the Camunda Champions Program
Michelle Chand - US-based Camunda Champion
William Buzatto - Brazil-based Camunda Champion
Alexey Vinogradov - Russia-based Camunda Champion
Jan Galinski and Simon Zambrovski - German-based Camunda Champions