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Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
Ep 176 Rich Karlgaard Publisher for Forbes - Crowdfunding saving America
January 01, 2014 Richard Bliss
I met Rich Karlgaard at an event where he encouraged me to write a book about Crowdfunding. He said it was going to save small business in America. Over the past year, Rich and I have continued to work together and correspond, and this topic continues be on both of our minds. As the Publisher for, Rich is involved with a wide range of people. Very successful people. He is writing a book, due out in April, called the Soft Edge. I realized that the insights I was gaining from my conversations with him should be shared with a much wider audience. Rich isn't going to teach you how to run a better Kickstarter campaign, but he is going to teach you some important business principals to help you AFTER you succeed on Kickstarter.
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