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Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
Ep 273 James Ernest Button Men
May 05, 2017 Richard Bliss, James Ernest
James Ernest is launching his 10th Kickstarter campaign. His last project, Tak, raised $1.3 million dollars with more than 12,000 backers. "If you aren't famous, find someone who is" - James Ernest James shares a lot of insight and advice about how to be successful in the boardgame industry. One key piece of advice is to get yourself a solid business plan. And make sure your game is going to sell at least 5,000 copies over two years. James designs games but sells product. Another big piece of advice for launching or running a successful game business. If you're doing a vanity project, make sure you understand what that means. Take a listen. Plus, more than 10 minutes of extra bonus content for Patreon backers.
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