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Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
EP 285 Brexit And Your Kickstarter w/ Gino Brancazio
June 02, 2017 Richard Bliss, Gino Brancazio
Brexit? US Election of Trump? Kickstarter campaign suddenly in jeopardy? Gino Brancazio and I discuss a cautionary tale of using Kickstarter across exchange rates. Gino is based in the UK and ran his Kickstarter campaign in English Pounds. But 90% of his expenses were in US Dollars. When Brexit happened the loss of the Pound to Dollar had Gino lose 9% of the value of his funding overnight. Then the US election dropped it another 10%. Suddenly, a project that had successfully funded was out of money. What do you do at that point? Get creative. And short of selling cookies at a bake sale, Gino and team pull out all the stops to find the money and build a stronger tie with their fans. Great conversation
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