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Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
EP 286 Laurence O'Brien - Using Interns To Drive Your Kickstarter Business
June 05, 2017 Richard Bliss, Laurence O'Brien
Over the past few years, Wotan Games has cycled through nearly 20 Interns from all over Europe. And has built up a reputation as a go-to experience for new recruits coming into the program. Laurence O'Brien, owner of Wotan Games, shares the success of his interns and the growth of his company. His latest Kickstarter, War of the 9 Realms, is made possible because of his Interns. If you attend UK Expo, you will know Laurence and Wotan Games from the large Double-Decker bus they use as their booth at the convention. Unique and always entertaining, Laurence shares some wisdom on his success. He also shares some thoughts on how to protect yourself against Exchange Rate disasters covered in Ep 285.
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