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The Mobilecast #211 - The one-minute enterprise with Mayank Mehta and Capriza
September 08, 2015 Brian Katz
Brian Katz talks with Mayank Mehta, VP of product at Capriza. They start with the history of Capriza, and how it was originally a Consumer app company and then moved to the enterprise. They talk on how Capriza has moved to the one-minute enterprise/experience and what that means to the enterprise. Each transaction must be personal and serve you what you need when you need it. These one-minute transactions are called zapps. They go on to cover how Mobile First is a strategy and extends back to the desktop. They talk about Capriza’s competition and then about the future roadmap of Capriza. The discussion moves to how important it is to have users involved and in the beginning companies had to redo 50% of zapps. They finish with a look at the future. Website: Twitter: @capriza @mayankm
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