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The Mobilecast #219 - 3 Brians in an Uber
November 12, 2015 Brian Katz
Brian Katz talks with Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer of Good Technology and Brian Laughlin Technical Fellow and IT Architect of Boeing Company. Brian Laughlin talks about a capstone project that is happening in Boeing where they are using mobile to make people more efficient while on the job. Brian Reed talks about a similar example at a ship builder. Brian Katz talks about Bechtel and how they used sensors and augmented reality to become more efficient. Brian Laughlin moves the conversation to an AR patent he just received about providing differential access based upon user role. This leads to a discussion on identity and access management. The conversation moves to the FUN principle, personas and shadow IT (nee innovation) that leads to a conversation on user experience. Article on Self-interruption that Brian Laughlin cites during the mobilecast: Twitter: @reed_on_the_run – Brian Reed @idr247 – Brian Laughlin
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