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The Mobilecast #220 - Menterprise with Maribel Lopez and Jack Gold and Adam Stein
November 17, 2015 Brian Katz
Brian Katz talks with Maribel Lopez, Jack Gold, and Adam Stein at Menterprise Boston. Jack starts off talking about trends in mobile and the fact that BYOD is actually decreasing in the enterprise. He also talks about rapid app deployment, the faster you get an app out the bigger the advantage to the enterprise. Maribel talks about right time experiences and how you use today’s technology to build them through digital transformation. This way context means being able to act on the data you have but you need to look at it holistically to get it all to work together. Adam talks about security and how the conversation has turned to how do I inject security without changing the great user experience. This turns into a discussion of security breaches and the fact few understand where there data is. Maribel takes this and turns the conversation to apps and workflows (secure of course), and how it’s about enablement. Twitter: @MaribelLopez – Maribel Lopez @jckgld – Jack Gold @apstein2 – Adam Stein Websites:
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