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The Mobilecast #306 – S3 Ep 06 MWC 2016 Day 4 Recap with Nirave Gondhia
February 25, 2016 Brian Katz
Brian talks with Nirave Gondhia from Android Authority about day 4 and really the entire Mobile World Congress experience from a consumer and tech geek point of view. Nirave starts by talking about LG’s and Samsung’s flagship devices they announced at the show. They cover some of the great things and some of the issues they may see selling the devices. They talk about the regional players that are cropping up and HTC’s Vive which Nirave thinks was amazing and he will buy himself. They mention ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo as well as Xiaomi and talk about when is good, good enough for Android buyers. They cover smartwatches and even mention Apple and finish up with Nirave naming the biggest disappointment of the show for him.. Twitter: @nirave Website:
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