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The Mobilecast #308 – S3 Ep08 Randall Makin and RedEye Apps
March 15, 2016 Brian Katz
Brian talks with Randall Makin, Co-Founder and CTO of RedEye Apps. Randall and his team set out to solve the issue of engineering data and how, as projects got bigger, it took longer to get data in the hands of people who need it. On average, every piece of data/document has 5.4 copies, so you never know which is the authoritative copy. They use a database backend to solve the problem with layered technology upon on it. The goal is to reduce the time (on average 14 minutes) to seconds to get hold of data when you need it. Data is geo-tagged, and photos can be attached to drawings and plans where they need to be. There are AR functions that can be used on-site to insure integrity of the work and then share that with the designer/architect. Randall talks about some of the new features that are coming to RedEye and some places where they may be going. Twitter: @randallmakin Website:
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