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Episode 121 - The International Pain Foundation - Barby Ingle Interview pt 2
September 14, 2017 Robert Thibodeau
Episode 121 - Show Notes for Interview with Barby Ingle of the International Pain Foundation I have a very important topic for you today…and one that is very near and close to my heart…one which affects me as well as millions of people each and every day – and that is how to cope with chronic pain…be it from injury, as in my case, or from hereditary diseases or any number of a myriad of causes…one which many people have a hard time understanding – even very close family members… On the line with us today is Barby Ingle from the International Pain Foundation… I know, for myself as well as others, I’m sure, it seems we get that “look” from doctors when we are trying to explain the pain we are feeling and they are trying to tell us “our tests indicate there is nothing wrong.” In other words…they feel we may be “making things up” or “over exaggerating” what we are truly feeling. I ask Barby how she thinks we should respond to those situations… What about managing with pain killers? Wouldn’t some call us “hypochondriacs” or “doctor shopping” for doing things like that? Give us tips on how to “become experts” on our illnesses. What type of work does the International Pain Foundation do? How can it benefit our listeners who are suffering like we have been talking about? Can you tell our listeners how they can get ahold of you or get some help from you organization? I want to personally thank Barby Ingle so much for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us today. I know, from personal experience, that pain sometimes is more than we can bear alone…but sometimes we do feel all alone. So I highly encourage our listeners that are suffering with pain or know of someone who may be suffering with chronic pain…to reach out to Barby Ingle and the International Pain Foundation. RESOURCES: Website: Personal Website: Books By Barby Ingle:
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