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Episode 159 - Nervember Awareness Month - International Pain Foundation - Barby Ingle pt 2
November 07, 2017 Robert Thibodeau

Episode 159 Show Notes for Barby Ingle Interview pt 2

Barby Ingle is the founder of the International Pain Foundation and an advocate for those who suffer with chronic pain – but seem to find no relief through the traditional medical system. Let me explain – I’m going to let Barby go into the details, but I’m just going to give a highlight of what we discussed when she was on our program before…

Barby was struck down in 2002 with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy that affected her entire body and she spent years bed ridden and in a wheel chair. It took her three years to get a proper diagnosis of her condition and another four years to get proper treatment. She knows first hand how frustrating it is when doctors (and loved ones) just blow you off and do not believe what you are telling them, concerning the amount of pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

I will let her tell you the details of her recovery…as well as the book she wrote, “From Wheels to Heels” – and how she founded the International Pain Foundation and all of the work that organization is doing. Barby is the President of the International Pain Foundation and an Amazon best selling author, a reality TV personality and an advocate of those who suffer with chronic pain…

How do you feel about all of the attention that is being placed on the “Opioid epidemic?”

Some people suffer to such a degree, and nothing seems to help, that they contemplate suicide. Does your Foundation offer any services, counseling, etc. to those who are beginning to look at that as an option to end their pain?

Does the International Pain Foundation have counseling help for those suffering with Opioid addiction?

Barby, what major project are you working on for 2018?

As we close, what piece of advice could you give someone who is suffering with chronic pain and thinking nobody believes them – not even their doctors?

Barby, as always, it has been an absolute joy to speak with you again, today. If anyone wants to reach out to you and ask a question or maybe ask you to speak to a group or do an interview such as this…how can they best get in touch with you or your foundation?

I want to personally thank Barby Ingle so much for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us today. I know, from personal experience, that pain sometimes is more than we can bear alone…but sometimes we do feel all alone. So I highly encourage our listeners that are suffering with pain or know of someone who may be suffering with chronic pain…to reach out to Barby Ingle and the International Pain Foundation.



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