Game TeaTime Podcast

95: There is no shortcut with Chris DeLeon

October 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 95
Game TeaTime Podcast
95: There is no shortcut with Chris DeLeon
Show Notes

This is the ninety-fifth episode of the Community Podcast. 

“I am not trying to be a one size fits every human being on earth, I am trying to be a here’s a particular set of things I am the right answer for and that’s it.” – Chris DeLeon 

Chris DeLeon teaches game development online through his service, through which he is helped beginning developers around the world work together remotely to build more than 100 released freeware games with the support of expert mentorship. His introductory online course, Code Your First Game, has been used by 270,000 people in 190 countries, his YouTube coding demonstrations have been viewed by 8 million people, and his biweekly HomeTeamGameDev Podcast has over 100,000 downloads. His earlier career steps include Technical Game Design on console games for EA, early hire for engine development at a start-up that became PopCap San Francisco, making independent iPhone games, and doing R&D prototyping for Will Wright's Stupid Fun Club.

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