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Emunah Chayah - 20/20 Vision
November 21, 2015 Rabbi Carol Calise
Today we want to talk about faith that sees. It is faith with 20/20 vision. There are two things this verse speaks to us. Let’s think of the context of this verse. Moshe was in Egypt. He was raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter after being saved by his mother’s faith in placing him in a basket in the Nile River so he would not be killed by the Pharaoh. When he became an adult, he turned away from the palace of Pharaoh, fled to Midian after killing an Egyptian who was beating another Jewish man, returned with a mandate from Adonai to lead around 2 million Jewish people out of Egypt by confronting a king who was defiant to the existence and mandate of the G-d of Israel. Moshe made it through these difficult and challenging situations by focusing on the unseen which, in turn, allowed him to persevere.
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