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Transformation: From Feelings to Faith
January 28, 2017 Rabbi Michael Calise
We have been born anew, our spirits have been made alive and we have connected to G-d in a real and living way. Too often after we have had this wonderful transformative experience we are buffeted and restricted by our old nature. We find it hard to soar with the Ruach because we are shackled down by the earthly, and confined to living moment by moment by our feelings and senses. Today I want to challenge and inspire you to be transformed in how you live out your life. Instead of being restricted by your five fleshly senses I challenge you to be liberated and inspired by how a life lived by faith can transform the way you see things and open up new possibilities. Faith is the mechanism by which we access Kingdom promises and enter into kingdom living. Making a shift in how we live our life is really critical in living a fruitful and successful life in G-d.
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