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1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13

February 26, 2021 Simon Bowkett
Simon Bowkett's Podcast
1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
Show Notes

Twenty eight minutes from at for ,

Show Notes:


A.      Frustration: no face-to-face fellowship

B.      Purpose: mimetic model

1. Past expedient, 2:17-3:5

     A.      Every effort made to see you, 2:17-20

The nouns here are all about faces

     B.      Temporary expedient found, 3:1-5

            a)      The expedient, 3:1-2a

           b)      The immediate need – to strengthen and encourage their faith, 3:2b- 3a

           c)      The normalisation, 3:3b-4

     C. The Purpose: To find out about your faith, 3:5

2. Present encouragement 3:6-9

     A.      Timothy brought GOOD news, 3:6

            i.       Good news about their love, 3:6b

            ii.      Good news about their faith, 3:7

            iii.     Effect on Paul, 3:8-9

3. Future planning and praying for the return to face-to-face fellowship, 3:10-13

     A.      Paul PRAYS his plans

            i.       Prays to be able to minister to them and build their faith, 3:10

            ii.      Prays for face-to-face fellowship, 3:11

            iii.     Prays that the LORD will make their love overflow, 3:12

            iv.     Prays holiness, 3:13



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