Building Powerful and Effective Prayer life (Part 1)

June 12, 2019 Episode 1
Building Powerful and Effective Prayer life (Part 1)
Building Powerful and Effective Prayer life (Part 1)
Jun 12, 2019 Episode 1
Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke
Wednesday Bible Study
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TOPIC: Building a Powerful and Effective Prayer Life - 2.
Date: JUNE 19, 2019 IBC/MW/BS/TOA/005
TEXT: JAMES 5:13-18

The need to build a powerful and effective prayer life cannot be overstretched. Prayer is one of the reasons for
the establishment of God’s house. A prayerless Christian and a prayerless church is a misnomer and an
aberration. In other words, to be a Christian is to be committed to a life of prayer. To be called a church is to be a
house of prayer of all nations.
It is my prayer that each of us would resolve to build our prayer lives. This is the gateway to experiencing the
supernatural power of God. .
Some additional ways by which we can build a powerful and effective prayer life are as follows:

1. Desire to build your prayer life - Lk. 11:1; Rom. 10:1; Dan.1:8.
This is perhaps where building a powerful and effective prayer life starts. Nobody, not even God, will
force you to pray. You must desire to pray, and from there the Lord will help you.

2. Set a time for praying - Mk.1:35.
Prayer is not what you leave to chance. It is not a “whenever thing.” It must be the first thing on your daily
routine. Set the time for your prayer. Such time must be adjudged convenient, when you won’t disturb
anybody and vice - versa.

3. Start from where you are and grow from there - Matt. 6:9-13.
It may not be possible for you to start praying like Elijah in a day. Simply start from where you are and
grow from there. The easiest way to learn to pray is by praying. You also don’t need to copy anybody, just
be yourself and be sincere before the Lord.

4. Don’t forget the rudiments of prayer - Matt. 6:9-13
The rudiments of prayer has to do with the principles of prayer. The timeless rudiments of prayer
remains adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication (ACTS). These should guide you in your
daily communion with God.

5. Maintain iron-class discipline - Job 13:15-16.
Discipline is essential in amounting to anything in life, including becoming prayerful. You cannot build a
strong prayer life without iron-class discipline. Discipline is required to overcome satanic distractions,
obtain victory over the flesh, faithlessness and discouragements in the place of prayer.

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6. Be determined - Lk. 18:1; Job 14:14.
A reason why many give up too soon in the building of their prayer life is a lack of determination.
Moments of discouragement abound when you are beginning to grow in your prayer life. Make sure you
don’t give up. Continue to press on till God helps you out.

7. Take time to learn more about the subject of prayer -
Lk. 11:1
This requires being teachable, and it can happen by you meeting someone you feel can help you grow in
your prayer life. It can also happen through association with men of prayer, reading books on prayer,
studying the lives of Bible characters who had rich prayer lives, etc.

8. Ensure consistency.
Consistency is required for prayer to become your second nature. All men and women of prayer were
consistent in their prayer lives.

9. Seek for the help of the Holy Spirit - Rom. 8:26-27.
The Holy Spirit is our principal and greatest source of help in building a powerful and effective prayer
life. He is the One that makes prayer sweet and a delight. He is the oil and the fire of prayer. He teaches
us to pray, how to pray, when and where to pray. He is our indwelling intercessor. Not until you allow the
Holy Spirit to come to your aid, your prayer life would remain a routine and a drag.

10. Make encounter with God the goal of your prayers –
Lk. 9:28-37.
There is more to prayer than coming to ask for stuff. Our chief goal in daily prayer must be to behold his
face. This has to do with fellowship with our Heavenly Father. Many believers rarely and h


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