Victory Over Contradictions

October 06, 2019
Victory Over Contradictions
Victory Over Contradictions
Oct 06, 2019
Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke
Sermon preached during the Family Service
Show Notes

Life is filled with contradictions.

Examples of people and places with contradictions abound in scripture and in contemporary time.

May the Almighty God give every one of us victory over every form of contradiction in our lives as individuals, families and church in Jesus Name.


A. What is contradiction?


B. Examples of contradictions?

  • In the Bible - V.19; Exod. 15:22-25a; Acts 3:1-10.
  • In our nation -
  • In our local church (there are many i think) - An acceptable one is brethren falling and breaking bones within the church compound.
  • In your life/family/career/business C. How do we secure victory over contradictions?

Securing victory over contradictions demands that we all pay attention to the following principles:

  1. To seek help from godly sources - V.19

Most believers acknowledge God as the right choice to seek in the time of trouble.

Unfortunately when the chips are down, some of us begin to waver and start seeking help from sources that are questionable.

Can we ask you this morning, where have you gone and where are you going to seek for help other than from the living God?

Where else do you go after church on Sunday morning?

The men of the city of Jericho left us with an example to follow. See V.19;

2.     Maximize every opportunity God brings your way - V.19 cf. V.23, 26.

Elijah was actually not going to stay long in Jericho.

He had very few days before he leaves for his final destination - V.23, 26.

The elders seem to sense this and so they maximized their opportunity.

Delay, they say could be dangerous!

This is the time to seek the Lord to resolve every contradiction to the word of God in our lives, families and church.





3.     Never allow pride to rob you of God’s intervention - V.19; cf. 5:1ff.

Pride is one of the things that the enemy often use to rob us of divine intervention.

Pride is one of the manifestation of the flesh (aka the old man; the Adamic nature; corrupt nature;)

The men of Jericho never allowed their pride to rob them of their miracle. They put pride aside and went after Elisha and God did it for them.

4.     Approach a correct prophet of God - V.19 cf. Hos. 12:13.

The Bible is replete with examples of correct men and women of God who operated in the prophetic ministry.

There are also many examples of fake prophets both in the New and Old testaments.

The question is how do you know a fake prophet?

·              You register with N25t to see them!

·              You are given appointment at very odd hours!

·              You are required to sow seed before you see the prophet!

·              You are told to do things that are not rooted in scripture.

·              Etc.

Elisha was a genuine prophet of God. He had a definite call experience and he received a thorough equipping under the great prophet Elijah.

So, the men of Jericho approached Elisha with their city challenge.

And God used Elisha to solve this age-long problem - Hos. 12:13

God has always used His prophets to intervene in the situation of his people. He still does so till date.

It is my prayer that the Lord will bring to a good end every contradiction in your life, family and our local church today in Jesus Name.

Meanwhile, prophet Moses, Elijah, Elisha, etc have gone to their reward.

So where do we go to now? ———

Heb. 13:8.

5.     Exercise your spiritual authority over


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