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Who is Jesus to You?
December 18, 2016 Rev. Dr. Abayomi Lawal
WHEN JESUS CAME Over 2000 years ago, the Saviour of the world was born. At His birth, the world was asleep only some shepherds, according to the Bible, were awake keeping their flock by night. While heaven came down to celebrate the birth of the King of heaven and earth, the people He came to save were snoring. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin of no popularity. He was from little town of no significance; Nazareth. He was given birth to in a dirty and smelly place; a manger. Trained by a Carpenter who did not care to send Him to school (which He did not need anyway). Became a grown man who had no where to lay His head. Went about doing good and yet was hated for it. Died the death of a criminal on the rugged cross. Buried in a borrowed tomb (He only had need of it for few hours). No wonder the Bible says He did it all for me. He became poor that I might be rich. He emptied Himself of all but love that I might gain everything with Him in glory. What a Saviour! What a Lord! My Jesus I love You!
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