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Serve God Reasonably in 2017
January 01, 2017 Rev. Dr. Abayomi Lawal

Serve God Reasonably in 2017

January 01, 2017

We are breaking out a new calendar and it is also a time of new beginning for services onto our King of kings and Lord of lords as we ask for grace for a renewal of strength and purpose from our God through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not asking or suggesting for members to make resolutions to serve the Lord because resolutions can be a wishful thinking that may soon be forgotten. What I plead for is a renewal of our minds to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us to the level of being a vessel unto honour to our God and King. Let our fresh start be a commitment to attend worship services regularly. Do not be malnourished spiritually this year when God has prepared a table of feasting before you in your church. Rise up and count for God in your attendance of Mid-week service, Sunday service with Sunday school and services of prayer and fasting. Also have a fresh start in Evangelism Outreach of the Church and personal outreach in your area of work and residence. We must herald the good news of Jesus more than ever before. As we celebrate our year of jubilee, we prophecy the rest of Christ upon our lives. God will restore everything satan took from us and deliver us from the snares of the fowler in Jesus’ name. None of us shall be in want of anything good in the mighty name of Jesus. I must pass a caution to all members that the fear of God should rule us in all our endeavours that we may be blessed anywhere and everywhere we go. May 2017 be a jubilee for you in all ramifications. Amen.
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