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You Shall Be Praised
May 14, 2017 Pastor Abayomi Lawal
BE THANKFUL TO MOTHER Many of us know that mothers are special present from God. On this Mother’s Day, let us show our love, care, affection, respect and appreciation as we commemorate one of the important days in their lives. At least once in a year, make your mother feel loved and well appreciated. Think deeply about it, when was the last time you said “thank you” to your mother for everything she has done? When was the last time you told her that you love her? Let us admit it, we seldom appreciate the efforts and deeds of our mother. We seldom see the value of our mother even though she is always around for us, in good times and bad times. On this Mother’s Day, although we will not be able to repay all her kindness, let us make this day extra special for her. Let your mother know how thankful and grateful you are having her around. Happy Mother’s Day
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