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It’s Our Jubilee: We Must Celebrate
May 21, 2017 Rev. Dr. M.A. Obiremi

It’s Our Jubilee: We Must Celebrate

May 21, 2017

JUBILEE PRAYER POINTS: 1. Pray that God will free you of all encumbrances so that you will participate fully in the jubilee celebration. 2. Pray for safe trips for all our invited guests and ourselves to each program. 3. Pray for a meaningful, soul-enriching activity every day. 4. Pray that we will not experience any tragedy among our membership. 5. Pray for a fair weather throughout the week of celebration. 6. Thank God for His provision for our Jubilee Celebration. 7. Pray that God will be honored throughout the activities of the week. 8. Pray that God will give us His vision for the next fifty years to come. 9. Pray that the power of darkness will not penetrate IBC at any moment. 10. Pray for God’s love to cover us and for love to be the binding force as we unite to do God’s work.
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