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Why The Wicked Shall Not Stand
June 25, 2017 Rev. Dr. Abayomi Lawal

Why The Wicked Shall Not Stand

June 25, 2017

God is altogether righteous and will not condone unrighteousness from any of His creations. God, therefore, hates anything that is described as despicable or abominable. Through the Bible, we see that God hates idolatry, sexual Immorality, injustice, hypocrisy, deceit, pride and evil thoughts (Proverbs 6:16-19). In general, God hates wicked people. Psalm 11:5 is very blunt about God’s hatred for wicked people. “The Lord tests the righteous, but His soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.” He hates wicked people from the depth of His being. Proverbs 15 is a good passage to read to learn more about God’s hatred for the wicked. God hates the wicked because their act of wickedness is a rebellion against Him. Hatred towards other human beings by any man is hatred towards God (Matt. 25:31ff). The golden rule says “Do unto others what you will like them do unto you” (Luke 6:31). God is the defender of the powerless. God will not overlook the atrocity anyone may do against His elect- the church. As wicked people turn their fury against God’s people by mocking them, denying them their right and putting them to death. God’s hatred will be rekindled against them and will manifest in His time. God’s hatred of wicked people does not negate any of His character as a sinless and righteous God.
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