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The Obvious Omission In Today's Christianity
September 10, 2017 Rev. Olufemi Babalola

The Obvious Omission In Today's Christianity

September 10, 2017

It is a fashionable thing to be a Christian today. Several people profess to be Christ followers and every street in our major towns and cities are saturated with Churches of different types and sizes. Yet, new forms of evil and sins abound everywhere. What account for this contradiction is the lifestyle of many who only claim to be Christians but are very much unlike Christ. They appear saintly on Sundays but week days they manifest their true inward being full of corruption, greed and all forms of uncleaness. The obvious incongruity is due to lack of biblical understanding of what it means to be a Christian. The true and authentic Christians are those who have crucified their Old Self with Jesus and have become new creation. Though, they still live in the world but they are dead to the flesh and its passions, dead to sin and its consequences, dead to the world and its attractions and dead to death itself. Life for them now is only an opportunity for Christ who lives in them to manifest Himself in them and through them.
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