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Importance of The Word Of God
November 01, 2017 Rev. Mrs Bosun Adegoyega

Importance of The Word Of God

November 01, 2017

FACTS ABOUT THE BIBLEFACTS ABOUT THE BIBLE Deuteronomy the bible is pure an infallible Joshua 1 vs. 8-9 The word of God is flawless, proverbs 30vs 5 The word of God is a complete edition Revelation 22 vs. 184. There is authority in the bible psalm 119 vs. 89 5. The word of God is sufficient for our needs, 2 Timothy 3 vs. 16-17 The word of God will always work Isaiah 55vs 11 WHY IS IT THAT CHRISTIANS DO NOT READ THE BIBLE? Laziness Lack of discipline Lack of understanding The work of the devil REASONS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE BIBLE You will know the word of God 2Timothy 2vs 14-15 The bible will save you from fake doctrines and  you will not be deceived Ephesian 4vs 12-14 It will make u wise psalm 119vs97-104, John 17v s17 The word of God renews our mind Romans 12vs 12 The word of God is a powerful weapon to confront the devil, Hebrews 4vs 12 The bible is our source of life Deuteronomy 32vs 46 The secret to success and prosperity Joshua 1vs 8 WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THE WORD OF GOD ? Read it Have it always in your mouth proverbs 18 vs. 20 and   21 Meditate on it. psalm 119 vs. 9 - 11 Obey him James 1vs 22 How to develop interest in the word of God Ask the Holy Spirit to help you translate the word of God Set time to study the word Develop a bible reading plan Memorize the word Enrol in discipleship, Ephesian 4vs 12-14
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