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If The Lord Had Not Been On Your Side
November 19, 2017 Rev. Mrs Bosun Adegoyega
Surviving till this day is no mean feat. It would not have been possible without the help of God. This day is very important because it has been set apart for us to reflect on all the Lord has done for us as individuals and as a congregation. So much has happened in our lives, so much has happened in our nation, so much has happened in our families; some were pleasant while others were not too pleasant, yet the Lord has brought us thus far. Today, the Lord is calling you to give Him praise for all that He has done in your life, family and Church. Do not hesitate to sing and dance to the Lord and also make sure you bring Him a worthy offering in appreciation of all that He has done. May your thanksgiving be acceptable in His sight this day and always in Jesus name. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
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