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December 24, 2017 Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke


December 24, 2017

POWER TO FULFILL YOUR PROPHETIC DESTINY LK. 1:26-46 A Message Prepared and Delivered By Rev. 'Segun Adeleke, DMin., During the Church Worship Service On Dec. 24 at Ikoyi Baptist Church. So many people pass through this world without conceiving and giving birth to their destiny. I pray that you will not be one of them in Jesus name. It has been said that the cemetery is the richest place on earth. Why? Because so many potentials and giftings that were not used by majority of people lies buried there. I pray for you this morning that you will not die without giving birth to your destiny. I pray you will die ‘’empty’’ but very fulfilled. Mary the mother of our Lord was a human being like us. Don't mind that some people have made her into a deity. The only reason why God send Mary into this world was just to give birth to the Savior of the World. And thank God Mary lived to fulfill the purpose for which God sent her to this world. Dearly beloved, you are not born into this world to do so many things on earth. I pray that the Lord will help you to discover your God-given purpose. More importantly, I pray that the Lord will help you as He helped Mary to give birth to your purpose as well. May the Lord help you to give birth to that reason for which you were born. TO GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR DESTINY – You need the ff: 1. The Power of Purity- V.25 - 27. Virginity in our passage stands for purity. While other girls of Mary's age may have become something else in town, Mary kept herself pure. While other men may have been secretly sleeping with their fiancées, Mary kept herself pure. She wouldn't allow few moments of earthly and carnal pleasure rub her of fulfilling destiny. She maintained her consecration. If you will fulfill your destiny, be committed to a life of purity. I charge young men and women; boys and girls; even older men and women under the sound of my voice, to a life of purity. If you want to fulfill your destiny, RUN AWAY FROM SIN. Avoid all types of sexual immorality - it will destroy your life and destiny. Fornication and adultery will cut your destiny shut - Judges 16:21-22. Avoid all kinds of sinful associations. Flee from alcohol and all kinds of things that will defile your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. STOP TOUCHING UNCLEAN THINGS - Isa.52:11. If you have gotten yourself into any type of sexual immorality, you should repent of it now and God will abundantly pardon you - Isa. 1:18 2. The Power of God's Favor - V.28 - 33 You need the favor of God to fulfill your destiny. God's favor will open unimaginable doors to you. One favor from God will deliver you from a lifetime of tremendous labor The Psalmist informs us that our fathers possessed the Promised Land not by their strength – Psa. 44:1ff. Mary enjoyed an uncommon level of favor. Even the Angel Gabriel attested to this when he said: Greetings – Hail! Gabriel the archangel had to salute her We also need a higher level of God's favor to be able to fulfill our destinies. The kind of favor that will attract Angelic visitations The kind of favor that will mobilize resources to help you to accomplish your life purpose without struggling. Many of us are used to a life of struggle. You must not struggle for everything in life. You have never known what it means to enjoy God's favour. May the Lord release on you today the oil of God's favor in the mighty name of Jesus. May the Lord give us a fresh dosage of His favor as a Christmas gift in the mighty name of Jesus. 3. The Power of the Holy Spirit - V.34 Fulfilling your destiny is a God-sized assignment. It is not what you can accomplish by your human strength and connection. You need the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary wondered how it would be that she would be able to fulfill God's purpose for her life without going through the natural process of childbi
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