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December 25, 2017 Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke


December 25, 2017

Just as we have destiny helpers, there are also destiny killers. Destiny helpers are those that God has assigned and ordained to help you fulfill your destiny. On the other hand, destiny killers are those assigned and ordained by Satan from the pit of hell to intimidate, oppose, distract, disturb, and sometimes kill in order to stop people from fulfilling their destiny. The truth of the scripture is that God is eternally committed to helping us fulfill our destiny no matter the gang up of spiritual darkness – Prov. 21:30. Our God is greater and stronger than the gates of hell. With God on our side we are sure of total victory over Satan and all his destiny killers. From our text, Herod a type of the devil was furious when he heard about the birth of the destiny child born to save the entire world. Consequently he instructed that all boys two years and under within Bethlehem and its vicinity should be killed – V.16. The result was communal weeping and mourning for all in Bethlehem. Miraculously, the baby Jesus was however protected and preserved. Though a baby, God gave him victory over his destiny killers. That same God has done it for you before and will continue to do it for you till you fulfill God’s purpose for your existence. Victory Over Destiny Killers Demands the following; 1. Angelic Intervention – V.13, 19-20. The Bible refers to angels as ministering spirits sent to minister to the heirs of salvation (believers). They are therefore not meant to be worshipped by man. Angels are powerful spiritual beings – Isa. 38:36. They are divine commandoes that do the biddings of the Almighty God. Before wicked Herod could conceive and carry out his wicked plan against the baby Jesus, God intervened by sending one of His angels to alert Joseph in a dream. Thank God Joseph promptly obeyed the instruction from the angel and baby Jesus was delivered from untimely death and was thus able to fulfill His destiny. May the Almighty God continue to send His angels to deliver us from every destiny killer. May none of us die before his or her time. 2. Maximizing the gift of God – V. 13, 19. Dream is one of God’s gifts to man. A dream offers man the opportunity to see into the realm of the Spirit. We all must maximize the opportunity that this gift presents as Joseph did. Do not joke with your dream experiences. Reject every negative dream and pray into being every positive dream. You need help if you don’t dream at all or you hardly remember when you dream. 3. Prompt obedience – V.14, 21. Joseph was prompt in his obedience to the instructions from the angel. He did not waste time ruminating or discussing with Mary. Thank God that her obedience paid off. Many of us here have suffered terribly because we disobeyed God’s instruction through dreams. Some of us are suffering the consequences of delayed obedience to God-given dreams. May the Lord have mercy on us. Please, learn to be prompt in your obedience to divine instruction from today and it will go well with you. 4. Great patience – V.14 – 15. We were not told how long Joseph and Mary stayed with baby Jesus in Egypt. A close analysis suggests that it wasn’t less than two years. This suggests patience on the part of Joseph and Mary. They waited until God gave them another instruction through the angel. I encourage you to wait patiently for the Lord and you can be sure that God will grant you victory over all your destiny killers – Psa. 40:1-3. 5. Faith in the word of God – V.15. No matter how long it takes, the word of God will be fulfilled – V.14b, 17. Joseph and Mary demonstrated faith in the word of God. This action helped baby Jesus escape destruction from the hand of wicked Herod. Don’t ever give up on the word of God. It will surely come to pass. The Lord by His mercies has kept us alive despite the gang – up of destiny killers. He will continue to keep us for his glory and praise. The God who delivered David from the hand of King Saul his destiny killer w
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