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January 26, 2018 Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke


January 26, 2018

Just like Nehemiah, Isaiah also experienced Supernatural Help. Isaiah is reported to be the son of Amoz. His name means "the Lord Saves" or "Salvation of Jehovah." Isaiah prophesied during the reigns of four kings in Judah viz. Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. The book of Isaiah is one of the deep prophetic books in the Bible. Perhaps the reason for this depth is because of the Supernatural Help Isaiah experienced in this chapter. Isaiah's life and ministry would have been short lived if not for God's help that he received in this chapter. May God also come to our help tonight. May God do for us this night beyond our prayers and imagination. May the Lord send us His help to us personally and collectively this night.       Timely Revelation of the Ever living and Everlasting Helper - V. 1-4; Isa.    40:28ff God is the Ever living and Everlasting One. Unlike great kings like Uzziah who are subject to dying. He is the One that created all things - including death. He holds death and hell in His hands – It was as if it was over for Isaiah when Uzziah died. But in the midst of grief and uncertainty, God in His mercy revealed Himself to Isaiah. This divine revelation marked a turning point in his life and ministry. He never remained the same again! A closer look at V.1-4 reveals some of the things Isaiah saw that day.       Appropriate Response to God's Revelation - V.5-6a. A major problem with most men, including believers is that we are often careless with Divine moments. Many of us have had several God given moments that would have turned our lives around positively. Unfortunately we have not maximized such moments due to carnality, carelessness and being myopia. Isaiah maximized the God moment God gave to him. He did not allow pride and Mr Self to debar Him from missing Supernatural Help. He acknowledged His sinful state and things turn around.       A Personal Experience of God's Help - V.6-7 Once Isaiah responded appropriately to God. The next thing God did was to give Him His Supernatural Help God sent one of the Seraphs to deal with the hindrance that would have rendered Isaiah useless for life - V.6-7; Zech. 3:1ff. You can't go far in God and with God with sin in your life. Until you deal with the issue of guilt occasioned by certain sins in your life, you cannot prosper - Prov. 28:13. Look at all Isaiah could do before God sent help to Him - Chapter 1-5 But immediately Supernatural Help came on His life, everything changed His perspective changed. His ministry changed. May things begin to change for you and I for good from tonight.       Opportunity for Divine Reinstatement & Fresh Commissioning - V.8-9ff I pray none of us would be replaced by God. I pray that the Lord would not declare your seat/position vacant while you are still alive Sin and its guilt would have destroyed Isaiah's destiny except for God's intervention It was only after God has removed the problem of sin in his life that he was able to hear that his position was already been advertised - V.8. He quickly reapplied and God reinstated him. He will reinstate some people here tonight and commission them for a fresh and enduring ministry. Beloved, it is a night of Supernatural Help. Are you going to receive God's help for your life? Will you be willing to maximize this God given moment? Or do you want to waste this opportunity again? May the Holy Spirit help you to respond appropriately to the Lord tonight. May the Lord send His angel in your direction tonight. May the Holy Spirit help our infirmities tonight. May we all have a personal testimony of God's help.
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